Review of Discipline Titles and Requirements

Resolution Number: 
Disciplines List

Whereas, Most of the disciplines and required academic degrees were originally established over ten years ago;

Whereas, Many colleges and universities are increasingly offering degrees using broad general titles, interdisciplinary titles, and/or narrow discipline titles that do not match the current information in the state Minimum Qualifications (Disciplines List) document; and

Whereas, The Occupational/Vocational disciplines listed in the document increasingly do not reflect the changing workforce occupations;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate update the titles of degrees listed in the Minimum Qualifications (Disciplines List) to accommodate changing major titles, interdisciplinary degrees and/or narrow discipline titles;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate review the disciplines not requiring a master's degree and update them to reflect changes in the workforce, business, technological innovations and the needs of industry; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate hold a breakout no later than fall 2002 to discuss the findings.

Status Report: 

The committee agreed that this charge was not substantially different from that of conducting the Disciplines List review and therefore did not act on this charge.