Rules Changes

Resolution Number
Assigned to
Academic Senate

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges adopt the following changes in the Senate Rules:

Rule No. 1 - Vacancies on the Executive Committee: Vacancies on the Executive Committee shall be filled by Executive Committee appointment. Appointees shall be senators or local senate presidents at the time of their appointment except in the case of a vacancy in the past president's position, when the Executive Committee should first consider previous past presidents as candidates so long as they have faculty status.

Rule No. 4 - Omit all of "e" except the last sentence: "To be elected, a candidate must receive a vote from a majority of those delegates present and voting."

Rule No. 4 - Omit i and substitute the following: "The order of the election shall be as follows: Areas, North, South, At -Large. In case any Executive Committee vacancies in any section, North, South At- Large or Areas, are the result of an unexpired term, the two-year term will be filled first, followed by an election for the one-year term."

Rule No. 6 - Add to standing committees:

c. Vocational Education Committee

d. Relations with Local Senates Committee