Senate Basic Skills Task Force

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Ad Hoc Basic Skill committee has been formed.

Whereas the Torres bill (SB 1764/92) asked for the granting of certificates of proficiency in ESL and Basic Skills and the Senate has not taken a clear position regarding such certificates, and

Whereas community colleges are facing many issues regarding basic skills and basic skills instruction including accountability, the need for professional development for faculty teaching basic skills, better articulation with high schools, and a clear understanding of the community college mission regarding basic skills, and

Whereas welfare reform measures further pose issues regarding basic skills, and

Whereas matriculation, assessment, Title 5 curriculum requirements, and other areas address basic skills, but not as a primary emphasis, and MIS compiles data on basic skills,

Resolved that the Academic Senate direct the Executive Committee to create a Senate Task Force on Basic Skills to address such issues as (but not limited to) the following: a. Retention and accountability in basic skills b. Peer evaluation and professional development for basic skills faculty c. Part-time teaching (75:25 ratio) in basic skills d. Recommendations for articulation with CSU and K-l 2 regarding basic skills e. A possible Senate position regarding certificates of proficiency in basic skills f. Approaches such as adjunct classes, learning/tutoring centers, and technology and basic skills g. Relationship between credit and noncredit basic skills