"Single Definition" of Higher Education Institutions

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State and Legislative Issues
Use Senate communication channels and urge the local college and district academic senates to use their communication channels to educate faculty, students, and community members about the issues contained in the community college initiative; and urge the college and district academic senates to partner with FACCC and the collective bargaining representatives at their districts/colleges to conduct information forums about the issues contained in the community college initiative.
Status Report

Completed. The President encouraged local senates through Updates, Rostrum articles and correspondence.

Whereas, HR 3039 outlines the definition of higher education and proposes to include all accredited institutions, including for-profit and proprietary institutions, where only public institutions were previously identified;

Whereas, A "single definition" approach would provide funding to profit-making organizations, reducing funding for public education and its broad public mission and responsibilities; and

Whereas, A "single definition" would dilute current federal funds that have historically been directed to public education by making private, proprietary schools eligible for non-student aid programs (such as Title III-A, Hispanic Serving Institutions, Carl Perkins Vocational and Technical Education, etc.), even though private sector programs receive specialized assistance under the Commerce Department another tax laws;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges strongly oppose adoption of a "single definition" of higher education institutions resulting in diluting resources currently needed by students in public higher education by enabling federal funds, previously restricted to public institutions, to be directed to less accessible private proprietary institutions. MSC Disposition: Consultation Council, Chancellor, Local Senates