State Consultation Process

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General Concerns

Whereas the Chancellor and his staff have failed to follow the process for consultation as prescribed in the Executive Orders of the Chancellor which call for the preparation of consultation digests that focus on "whether the issue is one which requires attention, how the issue should be defined and addressed, and what the best forum is for developing a draft solution to be further considered in consultation" to be submitted to the Executive Council and Council of Organizations, and

Whereas Chancellor Mertes began publicizing the recommendations of the Commission on Innovation before the items have been discussed in consultation, and

Whereas the Chancellor's staff continue to develop full-blown legislative, regulatory, policy, and organizational proposals before consultation digests have been discussed and the appropriate forum has been determined,

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges call on the Chancellor and his staff to begin rigorously following the Board of Governors regulations and the Chancellor's Executive Orders pertaining to consultation at the state level, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges direct the Executive Committee to inform the Board of Governors of the Chancellor's Office's record of violations of the consultation process.
M/S/C DISPOSITION: Chancellor's Office, Executive Committee