Student Access to Faculty

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Whereas state law defines faculty as "those employees of a community college district who are employed in positions that are not designated as supervisory or management.., for which minimum qualifications for hire are specified by the Board of Governors." which does not distinguish between full-time and part-time faculty, and

Whereas student access and success are accepted as fundamental to the mission of the California community colleges, and

Whereas numerous studies have demonstrated the importance of student access to faculty for student persistence and success,

Whereas local districts have shown a tendency to staff sections of the same courses with both full and part-time faculty who may be hired under different standards and procedures and who have different obligations with regard to being available to serve students,

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges direct the Executive Committee to investigate whether or not explicit law or policy provides for equal educational opportunities for all students whether they be enrolled in class sections taught by full-time or part-time faculty. and report the findings at a future session.
M/S/C Disposition: Executive Committee