Student Fee Research

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Budget and Finance
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Breakout held Fall 04. Paper adopted Fall 04. Published.

Whereas, The California Master Plan for Education as well as various California legislators call for an increase in California community college student fees coupled with an increase in financial aid;

Whereas, The 2002-2003 System Priorities drafted jointly by the Consultation Council and representatives of the trustees' organization call for "a comprehensive study of student fees, other student costs, and financial aid and how each affect student access and its impact on system resources for student success";

Whereas, Historical evidence indicates that increases in fees for California community college students instituted in periods of economic downturn and statewide deficit budgeting such as we are currently experiencing result in sharp declines in student enrollment that threaten both student access and success and that cause long-term fiscal harm to colleges and districts; and

Whereas, Students' ability to attend community colleges is also affected by significant related expenses, such as costs for books, transportation, and childcare, which continue to rise while earning capacity diminishes-all of which have led the Academic Senate to adopt many previous resolutions in opposition to using increases in student fees as a means to balance California's budget;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate research the impact that complex relationships among increased student fees, financial aid, and other auxiliary costs have upon student access and success; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate present its preliminary findings at a breakout at the Spring 2003 Plenary Session.
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