Study of Minimum Qualifications

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Professional Standards

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges recommend to the Board of Governors that a study of the appropriateness of minimum qualifications as required by AB 1725 (see below) be conducted in this first year of the application of minimum qualifications, and

Resolved that the results of this study be made available to local senates by September 15, 1991, and

Resolved that this study be conducted in an appropriate research format, and

Resolved that the study especially address the impact of minimum qualifications on requirements for Affirmative Action.

AB 1725 - Section 87357

(2) The board of governors shall establish a process to preview at least every three years the continued appropriateness of the minimum qualifications, and the adequacy of the means by which they are administered. The process shall provide for the appointment of a representative group of community college faculty, administrators, students, and trustees to conduct or otherwise assist in the review, including particularly, representatives of academic senates, collective bargaining organizations, and statewide faculty associations. In addition, the group shall be broadly representative of academic and vocational programs in the curriculum from both urban and rural districts, and representative of ethnic minority communities.