Supplemental Instruction Survey and Glossary

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Educational Policies Committee
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The committee engaged in discussions with representatives from 3CSN and ACTLA about partnering on this matter as they were in the process of preparing a survey to the field to collect the information requested in this resolution. The survey was to be distributed to the field in May 2015. The results will be shared with the committee and the results will be reported to the field accordingly. Survey has still not been completed. Oct 2016: Looks like the survey was completed by
Crystal Keikel and a powerpoint talking about the preliminary results was shared. A white paper has not
been written yet. It looks like 3CSN is doing this work. Crystal said she would follow up – at this point,
where should Ed Pol go? 2017 -18: The committee will identify the next steps in this work. Since this resolutions is old, the committee will also consider if the resolution is still relevant.

Whereas, Many colleges are struggling to address the needs of students who face obstacles in achieving success in academically challenging courses;

Whereas, Different terms, such as learning instruction and supplemental instruction have been used interchangeably; and

Whereas, Supplemental Instruction (copyrighted by the University of Missouri-Kansas City) is a proven method for student success, involving faculty-driven, peer-to-peer learning in conjunction with a course;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges survey colleges to gather effective practices in Supplemental Instruction and to clarify the terminology used regarding this practice; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges publish a summary of survey results and glossary of terms regarding Supplemental Instruction in a Rostrum article by Fall 2012.