Supporting Student Self-Referral for Tutoring Services

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In 2006, the committee investigated changing Title 5 to accomplish this resolution. However, at that time the committee discovered this section of Title 5 was recently changed so there was reluctance to revise it again. In 2012, the Executive Committee determined that this issue is still relevant and requested that the SACC Co-chair to agendize this item for discussion.  I don't think this was ever changed, and it still should be.

Whereas, Title 5 58170 (e) undermines a student's ability to assess their own needs by mandating that students enrolled in a supervised tutoring course be referred by a counselor or instructor on the basis of an identified learning need;

Whereas, Many students seek tutoring for reasons other than an identified learning need and as a result are prohibited from benefiting from tutoring services;

Whereas, Students are often intimidated to request supplemental instruction from their instructor or counselor for a variety of reasons, including their fear of being perceived as a poor student, as well as cultural differences which may make asking for help problematic; and

Whereas, Requiring students enrolled in a supervised tutoring course to seek referral from an instructor or counselor imposes an unnecessary obstacle to student success;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges investigate a change in Title 5 to allow for student self-referral to tutoring services. MSC Disposition: Local Senates