Technology II 2001-2002 Budget Proposal

Resolution Number
Ian Walton
Status Report

The President and Consultation Representatives continue to voice concerns raised in the resolution.Ongoing.The President and Consultation Representatives continue to voice concerns raised in the resolution.Completed. Representatives to the Consultation Council and TTAC have worked to prioritize evaluation of grants. An evaluation process has been developed and implemented.

Whereas the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has a long established position of supporting technology that will enhance the educational experience of students, and of supporting college funding that makes this a priority, and the current draft of the Technology II Plan contains significant funding for centralized projects that will have little immediate impact on students, and that would extend the capacity and/or role of the Chancellor's Office in the provision of distance education and student services in significant ways, and

Whereas the Chancellor's Office has engaged a grant to develop a feasibility project for the development of a centralized distance education coordinating body modeled after the Kentucky Commonwealth University, which would create a centralized portal for all distance education courses and create centralized, virtual student services, and

Whereas there has not yet been policy discussion through the Consultation process of the need for and efficacy of such an approach, yet the major components for the California Virtual University (CVU) are already embedded in the Technology II budget proposal for 2001-2002, and

Whereas the Chancellor's Office has yet to develop a plan to fund the considerable cost of such centralized system level virtual projects, the price tag on this item would be considerable, and the launching of a new entity broader than the previous CVU would most likely generate more private sector interest than other technology items,

Resolved that the Academic Senate not support the creation and funding of more centralized, state level technology projects unless the proposals have been evaluated for educational policy implications and effect on students by the appropriate Consultation Council groups that include representatives of the Academic Senate, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate request the Chancellor's Office not to include funding for such projects in the state2001-2002 budget request unless the appropriate consultation has been conducted, the feasibility and advisability of the projects have been reviewed, and the most appropriate funding sources have been considered, and

Resolved that Academic Senate request the Chancellor's Office not to fund further renewals of the TMAPP grants until a credible evaluation process has been established and utilized to review the grants, and until the appropriate policy discussions occur prior to institutionalization of such Chancellor's Office initiated grant projects as the CCCSAT.