Tiered Fees in the California Community Colleges

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SB1550 (2012) did not pass out of the Legislature. While this resolution has been marked complete, Senate representatives will continue to oppose two-tiered funding in any future legislative actions or other venues.

Whereas, The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges opposes “recommendations that establish different academic policies for students based on their differing abilities to pay” (Resolution 7.03 F11) and also strongly opposes “any attempt to abridge the mission of California community colleges, reduce their affordability, or remove their control from the communities they serve” (Resolution 7.02 F11);

Whereas, The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges urges “the Board of Governors to not adopt any regulations that would diminish the California community colleges’ ability to

  • provide instruction and educational support services to all who desire them, reaching out to those of underserved communities that encounter barriers to education;
  • develop sustainable campuses and sites to better serve students and neighborhoods;
  • diversify and improve programs and services for the benefit of the entire community;
  • build partnerships with public, private, and community-based agencies to respond with agility and efficiency to educational, economic, environmental, and societal needs;
  • foster the participation of our students and employees in community life;
  • enhance the availability of educational opportunities for all; and
  • support the acquisition of knowledge and skills by all, including the critical thinking skills and career skills that are essential to full participation in society.” (Resolution 7.02 F11); and

    Whereas, The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has previously opposed “Assembly Bill 515 (Brownley, February 15, 2011) and any initiative that would further shift the use of human, physical, technology, or fiscal resources to a fee-based system that provides access only to those who can afford higher fees” (Resolution 6.06 S11);

    Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges confirm its opposition to any bill that attempts to establish a two-tiered system, including the current Senate Bill 1550 (Wright, as of 30 March 2012).

    MSC Disposition: Local Senates