Title 5 Regulations Limiting Education Units

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Whereas, California State University (CSU) system Title 5 §40409 is decades old and pre-dates the integrated teacher preparation program articulation agreements that have proliferated throughout the California Community College System since the year 2000;

Whereas, The current Title 5 regulations limit the number of education units a student may take at a community college to six that can count toward the baccalaureate degree, when currently there are articulation agreements between campuses that allow up to 12 units;

Whereas, CSU campuses have sought out these articulation agreements and assisted in the development of community college teacher education programs that serve as prerequisites to credential programs and that articulate with transfer to the CSU integrated teacher preparation programs; and

Whereas, As a result of this limitation, many community colleges have chosen to disguise their teacher education courses with the discipline titles of “child development” or “counseling” courses and articulated them as teacher education courses in order to not have students penalized later, and there is concern that the policy is inconsistently applied throughout the CSU system;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges work with its CSU faculty partners to amend Title 5 §40409 as follows:

40409. Community College Credit.
A maximum of 70 semester units earned in a community college may be applied toward the degree, with the following limitations
(a) No upper division unit credit may be allowed for courses taken in a community college.
(b) No more than six semester units in education courses taken in a community college may be applied toward the baccalaureate degree or the professional preparation requirements of a teacher education basic credential program.

MSC Disposition: Local Senates, Chancellor’s Office, Consultation Council

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A letter was sent to CSU.