Urge Newly Elected Local Presidents to Attend Leadership and Sessions

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Relations with Local Senates Committee
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Status Report

In coordination with President, Executive Director and Budget Committee, support has been extended for participation through scholarships (this is noted on the website). There have been conversations with other statewide constituent organizations and local administrations to demonstrate the value to colleges of continued attendance at ASCCC events. ASCCC representatives actively discouraged local practices to interfere with faculty attendance at ASCCC events.

Whereas, Strong local senates are essential for proper oversight of academic and professional matters;

Whereas, Local academic senate leaders need information and appropriate training in order to lead their respective senates effectively; and

Whereas, The leadership institutes and session breakouts of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges are designed to provide vital information on academic and professional matters and prepare faculty leaders to deal effectively with issues;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate urge local senates to ensure the attendance of newly elected presidents and other officers at the Faculty Leadership Institute and plenary sessions; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate urge local college presidents, superintendents, and chancellors to recognize as excellent preparation for faculty senate leadership the orientation and information provided at the Senate's Leadership Institute and plenary sessions, and thus provide the necessary time and funding for senate leaders at their colleges or districts to participate in these activities.