Verification of Minimum Qualifications (19.10 S96 Postponed)

Resolution Number: 
Professional Standards

Whereas a list of minimum qualifications has been established for disciplines requiring a master's degree, and

Whereas these minimum qualifications must be included on announcements of faculty positions, and

Whereas State law specifies minimum qualifications for community college faculty (AB 1725 Article 2, Minimum Qualifications and Hiring Criteria);

Resolved that the Academic Senate recommend to local senates that local academic senate presidents verify the minimum qualifications on all proposed faculty positions prior to publication, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate demand that the Board of Governors, the Chancellor's Office, and all local boards of trustees abide by state law regarding minimum qualifications.

Status Report: 

In a May 2007 meeting at the System Office with Specialist Ken Nather, it was determined that local senate should conduct such audits. It is appropriate for S&P to honor this resolution.