Vocational Education Faculty Leadership Seminar

Resolution Number
Ellen Ligons
Assigned to
Career Technical Education
Status Report

The 2003 Vocational Leadership conference was successful and had over 100 participants. See the annual report for details on the conference.

Whereas the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges and the Bay Region Consortium have co-sponsored the Vocational Education Faculty Leadership Seminar for eight years, and the Academic Senate's name is on the conference materials, and

Whereas the Seminar has offered a variety of topics, including information on national and state initiatives; techniques for revitalizing occupational programs and curricula; current systemwide occupational educational issues; technology mediated instruction; economic development; strategies for being an effective leader; decision-making processes; problem-solving techniques; the roles of the Chancellor's Office, Board of Governors, and the Academic Senate; and networks for personal and program support, and

Whereas many faculty, not just administrators, are well qualified to present workshops on vocational education topics so that the Seminar should be "faculty driven" with leadership provided by the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges, and

Whereas the Seminar is designed to model and develop leadership among vocational faculty, and it is essential that vocational faculty are empowered to play their rightful role as leaders in their colleges, in local academic senates, and on the state level,

Resolved that the Academic Senate request that the Bay Region Consortium give the Academic Senate's Occupational Education Committee the lead role in shaping the Vocational Education Faculty Leadership Seminar.