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# Year Session Title Category Assigned to
09.03 2017 Fall Online CTE Programs and Competency-Based Instruction Curriculum
09.04 2017 Fall Inclusion of Information Competency in College Institutional Learning Outcomes Curriculum
10.01 2017 Fall Dialog and Collaboration on Apprenticeship Faculty Minimum Qualifications Disciplines List
11.01 2017 Fall Support for Educational Planning Initiative’s Suite of Tools Technology
12.01 2017 Fall Creation of Professional Development College Courses in Effective Teaching Practices Faculty Development
13.01 2017 Fall Recognition of Course Sections with Low-Cost Course Material Options General Concerns
13.02 2017 Fall Environmental Responsibility: College Campuses as Living/Learning Labs General Concerns
13.03 2017 Fall Faculty Involvement in Financial Recovery Plans General Concerns
14.01 2017 Fall Effective Practices for Allowing Students to Repeat Courses to Alleviate Substandard Grades Grading
15.01 2017 Fall Aligning Transfer Pathways for the California State University and University of California Systems Intersegmental Issues
16.01 2017 Fall Updating of ASCCC Papers on Library Faculty and Libraries in the California Community Colleges Library and Learning Resources
17.01 2017 Fall Faculty Involvement in Scheduling of Courses Local Senates
17.02 2017 Fall Local Academic Senate Role in Developing and Implementing Guided Pathways Frameworks Local Senates
17.03 2017 Fall Local Senate Purview Over Placement of Apprenticeship Courses Within Disciplines Local Senates
17.04 2017 Fall Support for Academic Senate Faculty Leadership Training Local Senates
17.05 2017 Fall Academic Senate Role in Appointing Faculty for Guided Pathways Framework Design and Implementation Local Senates
17.06 2017 Fall Support for Local Academic Senates in Committing to a Guided Pathways Framework Local Senates
17.07 2017 Fall Effective Shared Governance through Communication and Collaboration Local Senates
17.08 2017 Fall Inclusion of Library Faculty on College Cross-Functional Teams for Guided Pathways and Other Student Success Initiatives Local Senates
17.09 2017 Fall Application of Faculty Policies to Apprenticeship Instructors Local Senates