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# Year Session Title Topic Committee
03.02 2021 Spring Establishing Local Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Anti-racism (IDEA) Liaison Diversity and Equity Relations with Local Senates Committee
09.05 2021 Spring Developing an Anti-Racism, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Curriculum Audit Process Curriculum Open Educational Resources Initiative (OERI)
12.01 2021 Spring Approve the Paper Going Beyond Development: Faculty Professional Learning—An Academic Senate Obligation to Promote Equity-Minded Practices that Improve Instruction and Student Success 1 Faculty Development Executive Director
19.01 2021 Spring Create a Paper on Part-Time Faculty Equity Professional Standards Part-time Committee
03.01 2019 Fall Assessing Student Equity and Achievement Program Contribution to Guided Pathways Implementation Diversity and Equity Guided Pathways Task Force
03.04 2019 Fall Adopt the Paper Equity-Driven Systems: Student Equity and Achievement in the California Community Colleges Diversity and Equity Executive Director
03.06 2019 Fall Include Currently and Formerly Incarcerated Youth in Equity Plans Diversity and Equity President
13.02 2019 Fall Data Paper and Equity-Minded Practices General Concerns Educational Policies Committee
07.01 2018 Spring Support Equity-Minded Funding That Relies on Locally Identified Goals Consultation with the Chancellor's Office President
03.02 2017 Fall ESL Equity Impact Caused by Termination of Common Assessment Initiative Diversity and Equity Equity and Diversity Action Committee
03.03 2017 Fall Revise the 2002 Paper Student Equity: Guidelines for Developing a Plan Diversity and Equity Equity and Diversity Action Committee
07.02 2016 Fall Inclusion of English Language Learners in Equity and Scorecard Categories Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Equity and Diversity Action Committee
03.02 2016 Spring Student Equity: Ongoing Funding Commitment Diversity and Equity Legislative and Advocacy Committee
19.03 2016 Spring Infusing Equity throughout College Processes Professional Standards Equity and Diversity Action Committee
02.09 2013 Fall Resolution Affirming Support for Diversity and Equity in Accreditation Standards Accreditation President
09.09 2011 Fall Equity in Length of Time Between Semester and Quarter Terms Curriculum 5C
19.06 2011 Fall Student Equity for eTranscripts Professional Standards Technology Committee
03.02 2011 Spring CPEC report, Access and Equity for all Students: Meeting the Needs of LGBT Students Diversity and Equity Equity and Diversity Action Committee
03.01 2010 Spring Adopt the “Student Equity: From Dialog and Access to Action” Paper Equity and Diversity Executive Director
03.02 2010 Spring Adopt the “Practices that Promote Equity in Basic Skills in California Community Colleges” Paper Equity and Diversity Executive Director