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# Year Session Title Category Assigned to
10.01 2019 Spring Disciplines List - Homeland Security Disciplines List
11.01 2019 Spring CCCApply Technical Limitations Technology
11.02 2019 Spring Ensure Appropriate Processes for System Technology Procurement Technology
13.01 2019 Spring Develop Recommendations for the Implementation of a No-Cost Designation in Course Schedules General Concerns
13.02 2019 Spring Support for Faculty Open Educational Resources Coordinators General Concerns
13.03 2019 Spring In Support of All-Gender Restrooms on California Community College Campuses General Concerns
15.01 2019 Spring Response to California State University Admission Restrictions Due to Impaction Intersegmental Issues
15.02 2019 Spring Support for the CSU United States History, Constitution and American Ideals Requirement, Commonly Known as the American Institutions Requirement Intersegmental Issues
15.03 2019 Spring Encourage Accelerating Timeline for General Education Articulation Intersegmental Issues
16.01 2019 Spring Adopt the Paper The Role of the Library Faculty in the California Community College Library and Learning Resources
16.02 2019 Spring Adopt the Paper Effective Practices for Online Tutoring Library and Learning Resources
21.01 2019 Spring Adopt the Paper Work-Based Learning in California Community Colleges Career Technical Education
01.01 2018 Fall Academic Senate for the California Online Community College Academic Senate President
01.02 2018 Fall Adopt the Guided Pathways Glossary of Terms Academic Senate Executive Committee
01.03 2018 Fall Academic Freedom: ASCCC and Local Senate Recommendations Academic Senate Relations with Local Senates Committee
01.04 2018 Fall Preventing Duplication of Programs by California Online Community College Academic Senate Curriculum Committee
01.05 2018 Fall Faculty Role in the California Online Community College Academic Senate President
03.01 2018 Fall Non-binary Gender Option on CCCApply Diversity and Equity Telecommunications and Technology Advisory
04.01 2018 Fall ASSIST Oversight and Implementation Articulation and Transfer President
05.01 2018 Fall Metrics and Coding Cleanup Budget and Finance Curriculum Committee