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# Year Session Title Topic Committee
01.01 2016 Spring Mentoring Programs for Part-Time Faculty Academic Senate Part-time Committee
01.02 2016 Spring Honor and Thank Emeritus Chancellor Brice Harris Academic Senate President
03.01 2016 Spring Diversifying Faculty to Enhance Student Success Diversity and Equity Equity and Diversity Action Committee
03.02 2016 Spring Student Equity: Ongoing Funding Commitment Diversity and Equity Legislative and Advocacy Committee
06.01 2016 Spring Support Legislation to Increase Cal Grant Awards State and Legislative Issues Legislative and Advocacy Committee
06.02 2016 Spring Provisionally Support Creation of Office of Higher Education Performance and Accountability State and Legislative Issues Legislative and Advocacy Committee
06.03 2016 Spring Supporting Dream Resource Liaisons State and Legislative Issues Legislative and Advocacy Committee
06.04 2016 Spring Mental Health Services State and Legislative Issues Legislative and Advocacy Committee
06.05 2016 Spring Direct Strong Workforce Funding to Districts State and Legislative Issues Consultation Council
07.01 2016 Spring Costs Associated with Prior Military Experience Credit Consultation with the Chancellor's Office 5C
07.02 2016 Spring Awarding Credit for Prior Learning Experience Consultation with the Chancellor's Office 5C
09.01 2016 Spring Adopt the Paper Ensuring Effective Curriculum Approval Processes: A Guide for Local Senates Curriculum Executive Director
09.02 2016 Spring Develop a Paper on Effective Practices for Educational Program Development Curriculum Educational Policies Committee
09.03 2016 Spring Criteria for Recording Low-Unit Certificates on Student Transcripts Curriculum 5C
09.04 2016 Spring Flexibility in Awarding Unit Credit for Cooperative Work Experience Curriculum 5C
09.05 2016 Spring Modify Regulations on Certificates of Achievement for Greater Access to Federal Financial Aid Curriculum 5C
09.06 2016 Spring Student Learning Outcomes Assessment is a Curricular Matter Curriculum Curriculum Committee
09.07 2016 Spring Guidance on Using Noncredit Courses as Prerequisites and Co-requisites for Credit Courses Curriculum Noncredit Committee
09.08 2016 Spring Associate Degree for Transfer in Music Curriculum 5C
09.09 2016 Spring Z-Degrees and Faculty Primacy Curriculum President