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Latest Rostrum Articles

Date Title Committee Authors
Jul 2019 Debunking Myths Around AB 705 Curriculum Committee
Jul 2019 Education Changes Things Executive Committee
Jul 2019 An Equity Centered Syllabus Journey Executive Committee
Jul 2019 Placement of Dual Enrolled High School Students Under AB 705 Executive Committee
Jul 2019 A Historical and Historic Success for the ASCCC: The 2007 Raising of the English and Math Requirements Executive Committee
Jul 2019 Developing Metamajors: Important Dialogue, Significant Process Evaluation, and Iterative Work Executive Committee
Jul 2019 Curriculum and Legislative Processes Legislative and Advocacy Committee
Jul 2019 The Brown Act and Your Curriculum Committee Executive Committee
Jul 2019 A Legacy of Honesty and Integrity Curriculum Committee
Jul 2019 Senate’s First Annual Curriculum Institute Curriculum Committee
Apr 2019 Diversifying Leadership in the Faculty Ranks President, Executive Director
Apr 2019 Serving Faculty, Students, and the System: Participating and Learning with the ASCCC Executive Committee
Apr 2019 Faculty Involvement in Financial Recovery Plans Relations with Local Senates Committee
Apr 2019 To Sign or Not to Sign? That is the Question of Every Academic Senate President Executive Committee
Apr 2019 Revising the “Student Centered Funding Formula” to Incentivize Student-Focused Outcomes President
Apr 2019 Changes Ahead for Noncredit? Noncredit, Pre-Transfer, & Continuing Education Committee
Apr 2019 Libraries and Guided Pathways: Aligning Library Work with a New Framework Guided Pathways Task Force
Apr 2019 The 4th Pillar: Guiding Questions to Focus and Define Faculty Involvement Educational Policies Committee
Apr 2019 Campus Pride: Supporting LGBTQ+ Students at Your College Equity and Diversity Action Committee
Apr 2019 Considerations for Fully-online GE Pathways: Online Oral Comm and Lab Science Online Education Committee
Apr 2019 Meet the 2019 Hayward Award Recipients Standards and Practices Committee
Feb 2019 Flexibility, Compromise, and Leadership in Decision—Making: AB705 Regulatory Process as a Case Study President
Feb 2019 Why Legislative Advocacy Matters Legislative and Advocacy Committee
Feb 2019 Guaranteed Admission to the UC Executive Committee
Feb 2019 What Happened to the 2019 ASCCC Accreditation Institute? Accreditation Committee