SLO Coordinators

Student Learning Outcomes Coordinators act as agents of change on their campuses; not change for the sake of change, but change anchored in campus culture and targeting improved learning. SLO coordinators lead the faculty on their campuses in efforts to design and implement the assessment of student learning outcomes for instruction, the library and student services. One of the primary responsibilities is to ensure that the college is making progress in integrating SLOs and assessment into the institutional processes including program review, planning, and budget cycles. In this leadership role, SLO coordinators must balance the concerns of faculty and administrators as well as work to overcome resistance to changing processes. The leadership role is a challenging one and this page is designed to help SLO coordinators find the information they need to achieve their goals. On the Senate website, you will also find links to this year's Accreditation/SLO Committee and to both past and upcoming SLO Institutes. The SLO Institute is held annually in July, typically in the northern part of the state in even numbered years and in the south in odd years. The links to previous years' Curriculum Institutes include handouts and PowerPoint presentations from many of the breakout sessions. Finally, if you have a question regarding accreditation or student learning outcomes for which you cannot find an answer, please feel free to contact the Academic Senate at info [at]