Area A Meeting

Greetings Area A!

Dear Colleagues;

Our upcoming Area A meeting is just a few weeks away!  We will be gathering on the beautiful Modesto Junior College Campus on March 24th, 2017.  The address for the college is 435 College Ave, Modesto, Ca 95350.  The meeting will take place in the Library Basement, Room 10 on the East Campus.  The link below provides a map to the East Campus and shows the library as #12.

We will have parking passess for you when you arrive.  We are working on the ability to provide conference call options for those who may desire this type of access.  

A few hotels in the area include:

Doubletree by Hilton, 1150 9th St, Modesto

Spring Hill Suites, Marriott, 1901 W. Orangeburg, Modesto

I have attached minutes from our Fall 2016 meeting for your review.  We will edit and then adopt these minutes as an action item duriing the meeting.

If you are unfamilar with the resolutions process, I would suggest you take a few minutes and review the resolutions handbook provided by the Statewide Academic Senate.  As most of you know, resolution review and Area input are the primary focus of Area meetings.  This handbook also offers benefical insight into the development, debate, and potential approval of resolutions from the field.   The resolutions handbook can be found at:

I have also attached a Final version of the meeting agenda.  I have also attached a copy of the Spring 2017 Resolution Packet for the Area meetings.  Please download the file and bring your own copy to the meeting. 

We have also set up a conference call opportunity for those unable to travel to the meeting.  Details are provided below:

Spring 2017 ASCCC Area A meeting

Meet & Confer
Start Time
10:00 AM
End Time
3:00 PM
Presenter Pin:
Participant Pin:

Fall 2017 ASCCC Area A meeting

More info...

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Drive safely and we will see you on Friday.


Grant Goold

4700 College Oak Drive

Sacramento, CA 95841


gooldg [at]