1992 Exemplary Program Award

1992 Award Winners

Los Angeles Pierce College

Los Angeles Pierce College's PACE (Project for Adult Education) program was designed to meet the needs of a non-traditional underrepresented population who most typically have: been away from the academic environment for five or more years; met personal and professional obligations since last attended school; completed high school graduation requirements; expressed a goal of earning an associate's or higher degree; and English skills assessed above the average Pierce student. The program is designed to fit into an adult student's time schedule, while simultaneously maintaining a high level of educational quality in content and rigor. PACE is a curriculum package that meets the requirements of most public and private universities in California. A student can enter the program at the start of any semester and complete the requirements for graduation within 21/2 years.

Santa Barbara City College

Santa Barbara City College's CARE (Cooperative Agencies Resources Education) program is rooted in the philosophical foundation of moving individuals from the dependency of welfare to independence, to encourage and assist low-income single heads of households to return to school to enhance their employability and establish economic self sufficiency. The program meets student needs for child care, transportation and academic supplies; provides career development, academic and personal counseling; and employment placement and/or transfer assistance.

Honorable Mention

Fresno City College's Project Excel/Student Athlete Leadership Institute addresses the need to support and encourage athletes to become responsible and effective community leaders after achieving a meaningful education. Targeted participants are student athletes from both men's and women's sports, many of whom enter the community college academically unprepared. Oxnard College's ESPIGA (English Spanish Program of Instruction Granting Access) program was designed to facilitate non-English and limited-English-proficient students' access to regular curriculum. The program's main goal is to assist students to acquire English skills so that they have access to the many classes and degree programs on campus. Southwestern College's Summer Readiness Program participants enroll in English composition and career planning classes for six weeks during the summer. The program includes extracurricular activities to broaden awareness and build self-esteem. Ohlone College's Hispanic Youth Project consists of tutoring, mentoring, and parent involvement. Bilingual/bicultural students from Ohlone College serve as tutors for the Project.