Small or Rural College Caucus

Academic Year Meetings


Meeting: Thursday, 4/18/24 from 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm hosted via Zoom

Small or Rural College Caucus Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this caucus is to discuss and promote awareness of the academic and professional matters unique to the faculty and students of small or rural colleges within the California Community College system. There are many issues and challenges that these colleges face which are different from the larger or more urban colleges, such as economy of size, smaller part-time pools due to large travel distances, and serving rural community needs. As a caucus, we intend to be very active and represent the concerns, issues, and needs of the small or rural colleges. For more information about the Small or Rural college caucus, please contact the chair below.


Michelle Hart, Bakersfield College, Chair
Ray Sanchez, Madera College
Erica Menchaca, Bakersfield College
David Richardson, Madera College
Kamala Carlson, Taft College
Kimberley Robinson, Columbia College
Lillian Pimentel-Stratton, Bakersfield College
Matthew Garrett, Bakersfield College
Vince Maiocco, Taft College
Erin Wall, College of the Redwoods
Lindsay Laney, Columbia College
Deanna Herrera, College of the Redwoods
Vince Maiocco, Taft College
Ingrid Keriotis, Sierra College