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Latest Rostrum Articles

Date Title Committee Authors
Apr 2024 Faculty Participation and Service Opportunities to Support Growth and Connection President
Apr 2024 Who Are First-Generation Students? Definitions and Implications Executive Committee
Apr 2024 Credit for Prior Learning: Standardized Exams Executive Committee
Apr 2024 Consequences of Dismantling Colleges’ DEI Work: Time to Organize and Defend Executive Committee
Apr 2024 Recent Assaults on DEI and Impacts of Limiting DEI in Instruction Executive Committee
Apr 2024 Encouraging Practices Toward Developing a Diverse and Inclusive Faculty Leadership Pipeline Relations with Local Senates Committee
Apr 2024 Enhancing Communication and Connection Between the ASCCC and Local Senate Liaisons Relations with Local Senates Committee
Apr 2024 Thrown Into the Deep End: Tips for Organizing and Leading Meetings President, Executive Committee
Apr 2024 Celebrating the Whole Self: Showing Up For Students’ Mental Health Executive Committee
Apr 2024 AB 928, Cal-GETC, and Local Implementation Curriculum Committee, Executive Committee
Apr 2024 Academic Freedom: ASCCC Current Status Report Educational Policies Committee, Executive Committee
Apr 2024 To Refer or Not to Refer? That is the Question Resolutions Committee, Executive Committee
Apr 2024 DEIAA and the Subjectivity Trope
Apr 2024 Reflections of a Non-Black Academic at the A2MEND Summit
Apr 2024 FELA: Empowering One Faculty Member to Speak Up, Speak Out, and Speak Loudly
Feb 2024 Who We Are: Over a Decade of Purposeful Change for the ASCCC Organization President, Executive Director
Feb 2024 ASCCC Structural Basics: Board of Directors Executive Committee
Feb 2024 Data Tales: Cal-GETC Data and Research Committee
Feb 2024 The Abuse of Power: California Community College Boards of Trustees and Hiring and Selection Processes Executive Committee
Feb 2024 Working Together: The ASCCC and CTE Regional Consortiums Executive Committee
Feb 2024 Access to ASCCC Professional Learning Events Executive Committee
Feb 2024 Are Academic Senates Brown Act Bodies? The Case that Settled the Question President
Feb 2024 Rehumanizing Education: Ethnic Studies in the California Community Colleges Transfer, Articulation, and Student Services Committee, Executive Committee
Feb 2024 Artificial Intelligence, Generative AI, and Ethics: An Educational Perspective
Feb 2024 Advocating for Student Access and Success: Credit for Prior Learning through the California MAP Initiative CTE Leadership Committee