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Apr 2022 A Rostrum Article Without a Title Executive Committee
Apr 2022 The Current Level of Accountability in the ASCCC Standards and Practices Committee
Apr 2022 Ensuring Your Faculty Voice Is Loud, Clear, and Heard Legislative and Advocacy Committee
Apr 2022 DEIA Competencies and Criteria: Defining Equity-Focused Practitioners in the California Community Colleges Executive Committee
Apr 2022 Updates on Administrator Retreat Rights Educational Policies Committee
Apr 2022 What Is 5C and What Does It Do? Curriculum Committee
Apr 2022 Cluster Hiring for Faculty Diversification Equity and Diversity Action Committee
Apr 2022 Mothers of Color on the Pandemic Tenure Track
Apr 2022 Effective Practices that Support the Transfer of Students Who Repeat Courses to Alleviate Substandard Grades Educational Policies Committee
Apr 2022 Someone in Your Classroom Needs You: Supporting College Sexual Violence Prevention Programs Equity and Diversity Action Committee
Apr 2022 An Open Letter to Academic Senates
Apr 2022 Leveraging System-level Professional Development to Promote High-quality, Inclusive Online Teaching and Learning
Apr 2022 Equity, Choice, and the Community College Mission
Apr 2022 Professional Learning: A Framework
Apr 2022 Defining Critical Race Theory in the California Community College System
Feb 2022 Moving Forward: Next Steps in the Implementation of Assembly Bills 927 (Medina, 2021), 928 (Berman, 2021), and 1111 (Berman, 2021) President
Feb 2022 Cultivating Faculty Diversity: Support for Peer Mentors and Tutors Legislative and Advocacy Committee
Feb 2022 To Promote or to Prevent Opportunity? Using an Equity-Minded Lens to Dispel Myths in the Equivalency Process Equity and Diversity Action Committee
Feb 2022 The Strength of Inclusivity: Changing Our Language and Campus Culture Executive Committee
Feb 2022 Accessibility: The Bridge Between Success and Disability Standards and Practices Committee
Feb 2022 Increasing Student Enrollment and Reducing Student Unit Accumulation: A Community College Paradox Executive Committee
Feb 2022 Evaluating Language Proficiency for IGETC and UC Transfer Educational Policies Committee
Feb 2022 Implications and Considerations for Cross Listing Courses Curriculum Committee
Feb 2022 “¿En que les podemos ayudar?”: Addressing the Non-Credit Needs of a Growing Spanish-speaking Student Body at California’s Community Colleges Noncredit, Pre-Transfer, & Continuing Education Committee
Feb 2022 Education and Human Development: A Sector in Crisis