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Nov 2022 In Memory of Barbara (Hinkley) Schnelker Executive Committee
Nov 2022 General Education for California Community College Students Executive Committee
Nov 2022 Five Years Later and Questions Remain Data and Research Committee
Nov 2022 The Articulation Officer’s Key Role in Curriculum, General Education, and Transfer Transfer, Articulation, and Student Services Committee
Nov 2022 Increasing Access to Local Academic Senate Meetings Supports Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Executive Committee
Nov 2022 Awards Season Is Here Standards and Practices Committee
Nov 2022 Faculty Empowerment Leadership Academy: Participation Matters
Nov 2022 Increasing Recognition and Advancing Equity for Afghan Community College Students
Nov 2022 Accessibility Is a Shared Responsibility of Faculty, Colleges, and the California Community College System Executive Committee
Nov 2022 Changing the Face of the Tech Industry
May 2022 Foreword President
May 2022 Centering the Voices of Black Women on Community College Campuses
May 2022 Time for You to “Touch the Pole”
May 2022 Two Years Later Faculty Leadership Development Committee
May 2022 Commit to Transformational Change: Take the Antiracism Pledge Equity and Diversity Action Committee
May 2022 Dealing with the Hate They Give: Antidotes to Microaggressions, Racelighting, and Attribution Ambiguity Executive Committee
May 2022 The Value of Partnership in Moving Systems: CIOs and Faculty Team Up for Good
May 2022 Providing Safe and Inclusive Learning Environments for Neurodivergent Students Aligned with Equity and IDEAA in the California Community Colleges
May 2022 Rejecting Us vs. Them: A Plea for California Community College Faculty to Address Racism & Equity
May 2022 The Public Murder of George Floyd: Liberation Comes to PCC
May 2022 What We Can Accomplish Together
May 2022 From Intent to Impact: Being Antiracist is Not a Passive Endeavor
May 2022 An Inclusive Learning Environment for All: Why is it taking so long?
Apr 2022 A Rostrum Article Without a Title Executive Committee
Apr 2022 The Current Level of Accountability in the ASCCC Standards and Practices Committee