The caucus will inform and advise the ASCCC and other professional organizations of the unique needs and challenges faced by LGBTQIA+ students and employees.  It will also develop resources to create welcoming environments free from discrimination for all students and employees including those whose sexual orientation or gender expressions is in the minority, so that they can reach their academic, personal, and/or professional goals.


Steven Deineh, MiraCosta, Chair

Roam Romagnoli, Santa Rosa Junior College, Vice Chair

Dara Perales, MiraCosta College, Secretary

Rob Williams, Skyline College

David Sparks, Alameda College

Michael Harrison

Kate Adams, Allan Hancock College

Laura Gonzalez, San Diego Miramar College

Abbie Cory, Palomar College

Alicia Lopez, MiraCosta College

Corinna Evett, Santiago Canyon College

Brian Miller, Mission College

Peter Hepburn, College of the Canyons

Michelle Oja, Taft College

Dora Lozano, College of the Canyons

Sandy Carroll, College of the Canyons

Tamara Smith, Mt. San Jacinto College

Ryan Hitch, Norco College

Jan Muto, Norco College

Angela Belden, Pierce College

Dawn Rae Davis, Monterey Peninsula College

Christine Ersig-Marcus, Pierce College

Katelyn Cunningham, Pierce College

Martin Ramey, Mt. San Antonio College

Heather Faust, Monterey Peninsula College


Click here to download LGBTQIA+ Caucus Application Form.