Asian Pacific Islander Caucus

Purpose of the caucus:

  • Advocate for issues central to API individuals in the Community College System including, but not limited to:
    • API representation in all levels and constituencies of College and District employment
    • API student access to full range of educational and institutional services, programs, and benefits
    • Interrogation and dismantling of API stereotypes in College systems and institutions
    • Advancing agenda on racial equity and social justice work within institutions and system wide
  • Amplify API participation and voice
  • Connect API Community College Professionals throughout California
  • Promote knowledge about the specific histories and identities of API populations in Higher Education
  • Study the impact of higher educational initiatives on API student populations, and advocate for change in institutional teaching and learning practices
  • Understand the experiences and challenges of API student populations in California Community Colleges

Anticipated activities and objectives:

  • Meet at least once per semester to establish goals, priorities, and action plans
  • Mobilize and act as necessary
  • Meet during Fall and Spring Plenary sessions to address Resolutions and Issues
  • Networking opportunities with API colleagues throughout California
  • Establish allyship with ASCCC Black, Latinx, LGBTQIA+, and Womyn’s Caucuses


Michael Takeda, Fresno City College

John Cho, Fresno City College

Lee Herrick, Fresno City College

Tchay Her, Fresno City College

Victor Yang, Fresno City College

Jack Yang, Fresno City College

Melissa Flores, Fresno City College

Kami Thepphavong, Fresno City College

Kau Vue, Fresno City College

Mai Yang, Fresno City College

Channie Phantharath, Reedley College

Mai Soua Lee, Reedley College

Karen Kwan, Madera Community College

Chloe De Los Reyes, Crafton Hills College

Bethany Tasaka, San Bernardino Valley College

Eric Wada, Folsom Lake College

Vandana Gavaskar, Santa Barbara City College

Robert Stevenson, Modesto College

Rebecca Wong, West Valley College