Latinx Caucus

Latinx Caucus Statement of Purpose

According to the Tomas Rivera Policy Institute Chicano/Latino students represent nearly half of the potential college population in California; related to this, Latinx students represent the largest percentage of ethnically diverse students (43%) enrolled in the California community colleges.  Yet Latinx students face serious challenges to access, entry, and effectively moving through the community college experience.

The ASCCC Latinx Caucus will address the concerns related to Latinx student access, entry, and success in California Community Colleges by studying issues and actively engaging in advocacy within the ASCCC to address the challenges to Latinx student success.  In this regard, the Latinx Caucus will propose and lead workshops at ASCCC Plenaries, as well as other ASCCC-sponsored conferences, to address such issues as increasing the proportion of Latinx tenured and adjunct faculty in the California Community Colleges, increasing the numbers of Latinx faculty who assume leadership positions within local and state Senate activities, supporting DACA and immigrant students’ access, entry, and success into the California Community Colleges, and generally addressing the wide range of challenges that face Latinx students in our community college system.  Along with the latter, the Latinx Caucus will serve as a support group for new and continuing Latinx Senate members to develop their competence and success as Senate leaders.  The Latinx Caucus will also be a welcoming group to any member of the ASCCC who wants to join in efforts to address the concerns of the Latinx community of educators within the California Community College System.

Finally, the Latinx Caucus will serve to advise the ASCCC membership on how various initiatives will impact Latinx students.


Mario Rivas, Merritt College, Psychology, Senate President, Peralta Community College District

Karen Chow De Anza College, English and Asian American Studies, Senate President

Maria Figueroa English Faculty Mira Costa College District  Senate President Elect

Lina Soto Counselor Mt. San Antonio College Senate Vice President

Manuel J. Velez, San Diego Mesa College, Dept. of Chicana and Chicano Studies, Chair, Committee of Chairs

Cleavon Smith, Berkeley City College, Peralta Community College District Academic Senate President

Mandy Liang, City College of San Francisco, Counseling, Senate President

Jesus Covarrubias, San Jose City College, Senate President

Alejandro Lopez, San Jose City College, Counseling

Chris Frazier, San Jose City College,  Math

Mayra Cruz, Foothill De Anza Community College District

Phil Crawford, San Jose City College

Silvester Henderson, Los Medanos College, Senate President

Dennis Meakin, San Jose City College

Carlos Chavez, San Jose City College

Michael Berke, San Jose City College

Jose Cabrera, San Jose City College

Eric Narveson, Evergreen Valley College, Senate President

Nicolas Fraire,  San Jose City College

Justin Akers Chacon, San Diego City College, Senate President

Jeffrey Hernandez, East Los Angeles College, Political Science