Presentation Materials

Event Breakout Title Files Breakout Times (indexed field)
2007 Curriculum Institute Program
2007 Curriculum Institute Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) 101: Basics for Curriculum Chairs and SLO Beginners
2007 Curriculum Institute Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction
2007 Curriculum Institute Changes in Title 5 Curriculum Regulations
2007 Curriculum Institute SLOs and Curriculum: SLOs and Program Review
2007 Curriculum Institute Distance Education, Technology, and Curriculum
2007 Curriculum Institute Choosing Curriculum Course Types
2007 Curriculum Institute Upcoming Changes to the Associate Degree
2007 Curriculum Institute Basic Skills Initiative
2009 Curriculum Institute Program
2009 Curriculum Institute Communicating Between the Silos - Using Alternative Methods to Meet Students Needs breakout
2009 Curriculum Institute Articulation and Transfer
2009 Curriculum Institute Tutoring, Supplemental Instruction and TBA
2009 Curriculum Institute Compliant Degrees
2012 Accreditation Institute Saturday Breakout: Accreditation in a Multi-College District...
2012 Accreditation Institute Saturday General Session: Crawling out of the Abyss
2012 Accreditation Institute Saturday Breakout: Data: What Do We Mean and What Kind Do We Need?
2012 Accreditation Institute Saturday General Session: Crawling out of the Abyss (handout)
2012 Spring Plenary Session A Degree with a "Guarantee?"
2012 Spring Plenary Session Anticipating Fall 2012 and Financial Aid Changes
2012 Spring Plenary Session Assessing GE and Institutional Outcomes
2012 Spring Plenary Session Building Connections with Other Campus Constituencies
2012 Spring Plenary Session Chancellor's Office/Legislative Updates
2012 Spring Plenary Session Common Curriculum: Are We Really Losing Control?
2012 Spring Plenary Session COMPASS II: Using High Impact Practices in GE to Maximize Student Success