Legislative and Advocacy Committee

Status/former name: 
Legislative and Governmental Relations Committee

The Legislative and Advocacy Committee is responsible for providing the President with background information on all legislation related to academic and professional matters. Through research and analysis, and representation on appropriate advocacy groups, the Committee will provide the President and the Executive Committee with recommendations on such legislation. The Committee is also responsible for providing legislative alerts to the local senates, identifying liaison persons to contact legislators, and providing support to local senates regarding California's legislative process as it has bearing on academic and professional matters. It is the goal of the Committee to provide the President and the Executive Committee with the resources to ensure that the Senate is recognized as the voice of authority with the Legislature and Governor's Office in the areas of academic and professional matters.

Legislative Updates

Please visit our legislative updates page for information regarding legislation and legislative activities as well as advocacy efforts.

Current Members

Academic Year Meetings: 

23 August 2018, CCC Confer, 8:30-10am

9 October 2018, CCC Confer, 8:30-9:30am

22 February 2019, CCC Confer, 8:30 - 9:30am

12 March 2019, ASCCC Legislative Day, State Capitol