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Support Vision 2030 Goals and Strategic Directions

Whereas, The California Community Colleges Vision 2030 [1] merges elements of the Vision for Success and the Governor’s Roadmap for California Community Colleges into three goals of equity in access, equity in support, and equity in success and three strategic directions of equitable baccalaureate attainment, equitable workforce and economic development, and the future of learning, all of which were adopted by the California Community Colleges Board of Governors on September 26, 2023; and

Support Revised Title 5 Associate Degree Requirements

Whereas, The Intersegmental Committee of Academic Senates established a “singular lower division general education pathway that meets the academic requirements necessary for transfer admission to both the California State University and University of California” named the California General Education Transfer Curriculum (Cal-GETC) [1] as required by AB 928 (Berman, 2021) [2];

Support Supervised Tutoring for all Students

Whereas, AB 1187 (Irwin, 2022) [1] was approved by the Governor of California on September 30, 2022 and amended California Education Code §84757 by adding the following paragraph to subdivision (a): “(10) Supervised tutoring for foundational skills and for degree-applicable and transfer-level courses, as authorized pursuant to regulations adopted by the board of governors on or before July 31, 2023.

Support AB 607 (Kalra, 2023), If Amended

Whereas, AB 607 (Kalra, as of February 17, 2023) [1] proposes to modify California Education Code §66406.9 [2] by adding the requirement that the California Community Colleges “prominently display, by means that may include a link to a separate internet web page, the estimated costs for each course of all required course materials and fees directly related to those materials, for no less than 75 percent of the total number of courses on the online campus course schedule.

Regarding Chancellor’s Office Student Enrollment Data in AB 1705 (Irwin, 2022)

Whereas, AB 1705 (Irwin, 2022, as of March 16, 2022) [1] would require that California community colleges create a Transfer Level Gateway Completion Dashboard by July 2023 that shall be updated annually and shall contain data on a statewide basis disaggregated by regional, district, and college levels, including drop out prior to census date counts in mathematics, English, and ESL English;

Students’ Right to Choose to Take a Pre-Transfer Level English or Mathematics Course

Whereas, The right of students to enroll in a transfer level English or mathematics course resulting from AB 705 should not require that students forfeit their right to take a pre-transfer level English or mathematics course for the purpose of academic preparation, meeting non-transfer degree/certificate requirements [1], re-skilling, or life-long education [2];

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