Budget & Finance Operational Committee

The Budget and Finance Committee is responsible for ensuring financial transparency, making recommendations to the Executive Committee for the annual budget for each subsequent year, and making recommendations on fiscal policies and procedures. This committee is also responsible for the review of budget performance and revision of the budget, if necessary. The Treasurer shall report on a periodic basis to the Executive Committee. (updated October 6, 2021)

Current Agendas/minutes



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Past members

Past Members
Term: 2021-22
Member Term Sort ascending
Michelle Bean 2021-22 Chair
Krystinne Mica 2021-22
Dolores Davison 2021-22
Cheryl Aschenbach 2021-22
Virginia "Ginni" May 2021-22
Term: 2018-19
Member Term Sort ascending
John Stanskas 2018-19
Dolores Davison 2018-19
Craig Rutan 2018-19
Virginia "Ginni" May 2018-19 Chair
Term: 2017-18
Member Term Sort ascending
Cheryl Aschenbach 2017-18
Dolores Davison 2017-18
Term: 2016-17
Member Term Sort ascending
Julie Bruno 2016-17
John Stanskas 2016-17
John Freitas 2016-17 Chair
Julie Adams 2016-17
Dolores Davison 2016-17
Term: 2015-16
Member Term Sort ascending
Wheeler North 2015-16 Chair
David Morse 2015-16
Julie Bruno 2015-16
Julie Adams 2015-16
John Stanskas 2015-16
Term: 2014-15
Member Term Sort ascending
Wheeler North 2014-15 Chair
David Morse 2014-15
Julie Bruno 2014-15
John Stanskas 2014-15
Julie Adams 2014-15

Past Agenda/minutes