Guided Pathways Resource Teams

ASCCC Guided Pathways Resource Teams are available to provide support to local academic senates related to the implementation of guided pathways. Local senates can request the content and format specific to their needs and adapted to the requesting college’s culture, mission, and student populations.

Resource teams are comprised of faculty members who have expertise in the area of practice requested by the college. These faculty practitioners are current members of the Chancellor’s Office Guided Pathways Advisory Committee or the ASCCC Guided Pathways Task Force who can provide perspective and information specific to the request.


  • Local senate visits
  • Interactive presentations/ sessions/ panels at FLEX days, convocations, institutes
  • Facilitation of faculty work groups and/or coaching or mentoring sessions
  • Collaborative development of training materials
  • Webinars or other online modalities
  • Various other methods to assist local colleges in successfully implementing guided pathways at their institution.


ASCCC services are covered by a grant through the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office


For more information, visit the ASCCC Guided Pathways Resources page.