Values Statement


The Academic Senate champions the leadership role of faculty at their colleges and at the state level and fosters effective faculty participation in governance to effect change. The Academic Senate facilitates and supports the development of faculty leaders. The Senate is respectful and reflective in its work and relationships and expects accountability from its leaders. In all its activities, the Academic Senate adheres to the highest professional ethics and standards. The Senate models effective leadership and promotes the inclusion of leaders from various backgrounds and experiences in order to represent all faculty.


The Academic Senate empowers faculty through its publications, resources, activities, policies, and presentations. The Senate collaborates with other statewide organizations, and with administrators, trustees, students, and others, to develop and maintain effective relationships. The Senate believes that collaboration with others and faculty engagement improve professional decisions made locally and at the state level. The Academic Senate works to empower faculty from diverse backgrounds and experiences in order to promote inclusiveness and equity in all of their forms.


The Academic Senate promotes faculty primacy in academic and professional matters as established in statute and regulation. The Senate is the official voice of the California community college faculty in statewide consultation and decision making and, through leadership and empowerment, endeavors to make each local senate the voice of the faculty in college and district consultation and decision making. The Senate values thoughtful discourse and deliberation that incorporates diverse perspectives as a means of reaching reasoned and beneficial results.