Academic Senate Constitution


We, the faculty of the California Community Colleges, through local academic senates, do hereby establish a statewide organization to represent the faculty in the California Community Colleges at the state level.


The official name of this organization shall be the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges, Inc.


It shall be the purpose of the Academic Senate to

    1. Represent the faculty of the California Community Colleges in the formation of statewide policies on academic and professional matters.
    2. Make recommendations on statewide matters affecting the California community colleges.
    3. Promote the implementation of policies on matters of statewide concern.
    4. Strengthen local academic senates or other equivalent faculty organizations in the California Community Colleges.
    5. Assume responsibilities as may be delegated by Members Senates or by the Board of Governors of California Community Colleges.
    6. Initiate policy positions relevant to California Community Colleges and their role in higher education.

Powers and Duties:

The power of the Academic Senate is derived from Title 5 and implemented through its resolution process. This resolution process shall be the sole method by which policies of the Academic Senate are adopted.
Restored: April 17, 2004