Accreditation Committee

Status/former name
Accreditation and Assessment Committee

The Accreditation Committee advises the Academic Senate Executive Committee and statewide faculty on accreditation, continuous quality improvement, and equitable student learning. In collaboration with ACCJC, chief instructional officers, and other system partners, the committee organizes the Accreditation Institute and offers professional development opportunities with a focus on faculty roles and effective practices in accreditation. (updated June 4, 2021)

Membership of this committee includes an Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO). 

Note:  The members of this committee assist with planning for the Accreditation Institute. 

Current Members
Member Term
Christopher Howerton 2021-22 Chair
Jeff Lamb 2021-22
Carrie Roberson 2021-22
Alicia Lopez 2021-22
Laura Adams 2021-22
Van Rider 2021-22
Robert Steinberg 2021-22
Jamar London 2021-22
Academic Year Meetings

2021-2022 Meeting Dates

  • Fall 2021: September 8, September 30, October 21, November 18, December 9
  • Spring 2022: January 24, February 14, March 21, April 18, May 16

Current Agendas/minutes


Title Session Year Sort ascending Category
Request Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) to Readdress Bachelor’s Degree Program Requirements Fall 2017 Accreditation
Local Recruitment and Nomination Processes for Accreditation Teams Fall 2016 Accreditation
ACCJC Written Reports to Colleges on Sanction Spring 2015 Accreditation
Adopt the ASCCC Paper Effective Practices in Accreditation Fall 2015 Accreditation
Endorse the CCCCO Task Force on Accreditation Report Fall 2015 Accreditation
Disaggregation of Learning Outcomes Data Spring 2015 Accreditation
Explore Use of Simulated Accreditation Site Visits Spring 2014 Accreditation
Faculty Participation on ACCJC External Review Committees Fall 2014 Accreditation
Accreditation Effective Practices Paper Spring 2012 Accreditation
Effective Practices for Providing California Community College Library Resources and Services to Online Students Spring 2012 Accreditation
Use of Outside Researchers in Accreditation Spring 2011 Accreditation
Paper Defining the Roles of College and District Researchers and Faculty Spring 2010 Accreditation
Making ACCJC Correspondence and Recommendations Public Spring 2010 Accreditation
Accreditation Options Spring 2010 Accreditation
Embedding Program SLOs in Program Review Spring 2010 Curriculum
Federalization of Higher Education Fall 2010 Accreditation
Accreditation Team Visits Spring 2009 Accreditation
SLO Terminology Glossary Fall 2009 Curriculum
Institutional Effectiveness Spring 2009 General Concerns
Accreditation and Support for Local Senates Fall 2005 Accreditation
Accreditation and Equity Planning Fall 2005 Equity and Diversity
Influencing Federal Accreditation Outcomes Fall 2008 Accreditation


Title Issue Year Sort ascending
Making Accreditation Student Centered with Guided Pathways And Equity February 2020
What Happened to the 2019 ASCCC Accreditation Institute? February 2019
Building a New Road: Faculty Participation on Peer Review Teams for Accreditation April 2018
Accreditation Reform and the Warren Bill February 2017
Student Learning Outcomes: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going? October 2017
The QFE: What Does It Mean for Faculty and Colleges Preparing an Accreditation Self-Evaluation? May 2016
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back – Recent Actions on Institutions by ACCJC October 2016
A Different Way of Thinking about SLOs October 2016
Big Wheels (of Accreditation) Keep on Turning: An Update to the Field on ACCJC Activities September 2015
The Genie in the Bottle: Disaggregation of Student Learning Outcomes Data September 2015
Looking Forward: the Chancellor’s Office Task Force On Accreditation Report November 2015
Academic Senate Resolutions on Accreditation 1986 to the Present November 2013
Accreditation: What’s Next February 2012
Faculty Evaluations – The SLOAC Debate Continues April 2012
The ACCJC Visiting Team: Details, Details, Details September 2012
The Relationship of the Researcher with Faculty in Assessing Student Learning March 2011
Sharing Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) With Your College Community January 2010
In Defense of Teaching: Qualitative Assessment September 2010
Mythbusters: Addressing Accreditation "Urban Legends" March 2009
An SLO Terminology Glossary: A Draft in Progress May 2009
What Does Proficiency Look Like on the ACCJC Rubric? September 2009
Updating The Faculty Role in Planning and Budgeting Paper? November 2009
Preserving Higher Education: Vigilance is Essential September 2007
Accreditation and Faculty Evaluations? December 2007
Have You Heard About the Two-Year Rule and Accreditation? February 2008


Past members

Past Members
Term: 2020-21
Member Term Sort ascending
Cheryl Aschenbach 2020-21 Chair
Amber Gillis 2020-21
Manuel Vélez 2020-21
Nili Kirschner 2020-21
Claudia De La Toba 2020-21
Laura Adams 2020-21
Roy Shahbazian 2020-21
Sheri Berger 2020-21
Term: 2019-20
Member Term Sort ascending
Stephanie Curry 2019-20 Chair
Nathaniel Donahue 2019-20
Elizabeth Romero 2019-20
Ted Blake 2019-20
Roy Shahbazian 2019-20
Ekaterina Fuchs 2019-20
Sheri Berger 2019-20
Term: 2018-19
Member Term Sort ascending
Margarita Pillado 2018-19
Celia Huston 2018-19
Colin Williams 2018-19
Deborah Wulff 2018-19
Sam Foster 2018-19 Chair
Dolores Davison 2018-19
Christopher Howerton 2018-19
Term: 2017-18
Member Term Sort ascending
Virginia "Ginni" May 2017-18 Chair
Christy Karau-Magnani 2017-18
Irit Gat 2017-18
Misty Burreal 2017-18

Past Agenda/minutes

Term 2019-20
Document Notes Term
2015-16 Accreditation and Assessment Committee Minutes 9-1-15.pdf 2019-20
2015-16 Accreditation and Assessment Committee Minutes 9-26-15.pdf 2019-20
2015-16 Accreditation and Assessment Committee Minutes 10-12-15.pdf 2019-20
2015-16 Accreditation and Assessment Committee Minutes 11-19-15.pdf 2019-20
2015-16 Accreditation and Assessment Committee Minutes 12-7-15.pdf 2019-20
ACCRED Minutes 25Aug14.docx 2019-20
ACCRED Minutes 8Sept14.docx 2019-20
ACCRED Minutes 20Sept14.docx 2019-20
ASCCC AccreditationCommittee Agenda 8.30.19.docx 2019-20
ASCCC AccreditationCommittee Agenda 9.24.19.docx 2019-20
ASCCC AccreditationCommittee Minutes 8.30.19.docx 2019-20
ASCCC AccreditationCommittee Minutes 9.24.19.docx 2019-20
ASCCC AccreditationCommittee Agenda 10.15.19.docx 2019-20
ASCCC AccreditationCommittee Minutes 10.15.19.docx 2019-20
ASCCC AccreditationCommittee Agenda 11.12.19.docx 2019-20
ASCCC AccreditationCommittee Minutes 11.12.19.docx 2019-20
ASCCC AccreditationCommittee Agenda 12.16.19.docx 2019-20
ASCCC AccreditationCommittee Minutes 12.16.19.docx 2019-20
ASCCC AccreditationCommittee Agenda 1.24.20.docx 2019-20
ASCCC AccreditationCommittee Minutes 1.24.20.docx 2019-20
ASCCC AccreditationCommittee Agenda 2.12.20.docx 2019-20
ASCCC AccreditationCommittee Minutes 2.12.20.docx 2019-20
ASCCC AccreditationCommittee Agenda 4.29.20.docx 2019-20
ASCCC AccreditationCommittee Minutes 4.29.20.docx 2019-20
Term 2018-19
Document Notes Term
Accreditation Minutes 21 August 2018.docx 2018-19
Accreditation Minutes 25 September 2018.docx 2018-19
Minutes Accreditation 16 October 2018.docx 2018-19
Accreditation Minutes 6 November 2018.docx 2018-19
Accreditation Minutes 14 December 2018.docx 2018-19
Term 2017-18
Document Notes Term
ASCCC Accreditation Committee Meeting 8-17-2017 Minutes - approved.docx 2017-18
ASCCC Accreditation Committee Meeting 9-16-2017 Minutes - approved.docx 2017-18
ASCCC Accreditation Committee Meeting 10-10-2017 Minutes - approved.docx 2017-18
ASCCC Accreditation Committee Meeting 11-14-2017 Minutes - approved.docx 2017-18
ASCCC Accreditation Committee Meeting 11-18-2017 Minutes - approved.docx 2017-18
ASCCC Accreditation Committee Meeting 11-28-2017 Minutes - approved.docx 2017-18
ASCCC Accreditation Committee Meeting 1-22-2018 Minutes - approved.docx 2017-18
ASCCC Accreditation Committee Meeting 2-13-2018 Minutes - approved.docx 2017-18
Term 2016-17
Document Notes Term
AACAgenda9_24_16.pdf 2016-17
AACMinutes9_24_16.docx 2016-17
AACAgenda10_24_16.docx 2016-17
AACMinutes10_24_16.docx 2016-17
AACAgenda12_14_16.docx 2016-17