Accreditation Committee

Status/former name: 
Accreditation and Assessment Committee

The Accreditation Committee advises the Academic Senate Executive Committee and the faculty regarding accreditation and continuous quality improvement. The committee identifies and disseminates knowledge and information regarding faculty roles and effective practices in conducting comprehensive college-wide assessment, meeting and documenting accountability standards, self-evaluation methods and reports, attaining and maintaining accreditation status, and in supporting faculty as they reflect on outcomes and set goals for improvement. The committee receives input from, and collaborates with, pertinent outside groups including regional accreditors and federal agencies, their policies, and processes. Under the direction of the president, designated committee assist faculty and local academic senates with matters related to accreditation and institutional evaluation. The committee also plans the annual Accreditation Institute that offers professional development on accreditation issues, policies, and effective practices.

Membership of this committee includes an Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO). 

Note:  The members of this committee assist with planning for the Accreditation Institute.