1993 Exemplary Program Award

1993 Award Winners

Bakersfield College

Bakersfield College’s Strategic Learning System (SLS) is designed to develop students’ skills in “learning to learn.” Students are enrolled in a transfer level course that is paired with an SLS course. Results show that student participants have an increased likelihood of meeting their educational goals. The primary targets of the program are students at risk of failing or dropping out of courses that lead to university transfer, often because of poor reading or study skills.

Mt. San Antonio College

Mt. San Antonio College’s Tutorial Services Program serves students with supplemental instruction, drop-in tutoring, study groups, exam review sessions, and workshops on study skills techniques. The three-year old effort features continuous program evaluation and student tracking, which discovered that student participants performed significantly better in their credit courses than students who sought minimal or no tutorial assistance.

Honorable Mention

Evergreen Valley College’s AFFIRM program, which is aimed at increasing African-American student enrollment and retention through tutoring, counseling, mentoring, and other support. Mission College’s English as a Second Language program, which has increased the success rate of underrepresented students as they move into the regular college curriculum. Rancho Santiago College’s Eligibility Technician Training Program, a joint effort of the college, the Orange County Department of Social Services, and the Private Industry Council of Santa Ana. The program provides instruction in basic skills and personal development to bilingual students who are trained as eligibility technicians. Santa Monica College’s Black Collegians Program, which has been successful in recruiting, counseling, and mentoring African-American students. Scholarships, tutoring, and workshops on personal improvement have led to a high university transfer rate.