1995 Exemplary Program Award

1995 Award Winners

Santa Barbara City College

Santa Barbara City College's Multicultural English Transfer (MET) program was developed in 1992 with a California Fund for Instructional Improvement grant from the Board of Governors, to initiate a faculty training and curriculum development project. The MET program was developed to increase the access, retention and success rates for underrepresented and economically disadvantaged students. Through faculty, counselor and tutorial collaboration, students receive comprehensive review and support of their progress. Additionally, specialized assignments encourage students to see themselves as pre-professionals, to model ways for them to seek assistance, to help them develop a realistic idea of their career goals, and links them with the UC Santa Barbara campus and with local professional communities.

College of San Mateo

College of San Mateo's Student and Teacher Excellence through Mentoring project (STEM) is a one-on-one mentoring program, which matches college faculty with students who are at academic risk, serves underachieving students regardless of gender, race, or ethnic background, or level of academic preparation. STEM provides services to assist students in attaining their educational and career goals, and prepares students for transfer to baccalaureate institutions. This program trains its faculty mentors to intervene in students' educational development before they make choices which may limit their academic options or career aspirations. Through weekly meetings, mentors and students discuss all aspects of educational success and work together to reach a targeted goal.

Honorable Mention

Diablo Valley College's Basic Library Skills and ESL Workbooks programs were developed by DVC librarians to help meet the needs of ESL and basic skills students for greater student achievement and success. Glendale College's Volunteer and Service Learning programs introduce students to volunteer work and potential job leads. Faculty at Glendale College developed new approaches to hands-on learning and have established long-term ties with the community. City College of San Francisco's Partnership to Achieve Academic Success program is a mentoring program which helps at-risk students remain in college through various forms of academic encouragement and support services. Fresno City College's Student Success program enhances the ability of students to successfully transfer or complete their vocational programs through the identification and measurement of thirteen key indicators for student success.