The Role of Counseling Faculty in the California Community Colleges

Whereas counseling is a faculty discipline included in the state approved faculty disciplines list/minimum qualifications, and

Whereas a counseling discipline ensures professional education and training at the Master's level leading to appropriate counseling knowledge. competencies and skills, and

Whereas there is no statewide definition of. or limitations on. the role of the counseling/advising paraprofessional, and

Whereas some districts are blurring the roles of professional counseling faculty and misusing paraprofessionals in the discipline,

Standards of Practice for California Community College Counseling Programs

This paper asserts that there should be a set of universal standards of practice for all community college counseling programs, regardless of institutional or departmental size or fiscal constraints. Complying with these standards requires both adequate staffing and support. These standards are set out in six areas: A. Core Functions, B. Ethical Standards, C. Organization and Administration, D. Human Resources, E. Physical Facilities, and F. New Technologies.

Consultation Council Task Force on Counseling

In December 2000, the Consultation Council reviewed and discussed a Consultation Digest prepared by the Faculty Association of California Community Colleges (FACCC), which recommended that the Chancellor establish a Consultation Task Force to study the counselor-to-student ratio in California community colleges. At the time, the Chancellor declared the issue an academic and professional matter and charged the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges with convening the Task Force.

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