Chancellor's Office Relationship

(NOTE: This resolution refers to the document "Proposed Board of Governors' Standing Orders Pertaining to the Academic Senate.")

Whereas the Academic Senate has for a number of years sought to promote a collegial model of governance at the state level through the formalization of the relationship between the Academic Senate and the Chancellor's Office and the Board of Governors, and

Whereas the basic outline for such a formalization was set forth in an Academic Senate resolution approved at the 1984 Spring Conference, and

Administrative Support

Whereas The Master Plan Renewed calls for the delegation of appropriate authority to faculty senates with respect to such matters as academic standards, curriculum, and policies for hiring, evaluation, and retention of faculty, and

Whereas the assumption of these responsibilities will require that community college faculty become more knowledgeable about governance matters, and

Whereas participation in Academic Senate conferences and area meetings is the best way to develop faculty who can participate effectively in the governance of their colleges,

Governance Breakout Session

Whereas recent changes have increased the responsibilities arid rights of faculty in the area of shared governance, and

Whereas faculty participation in shared governance involves such issues as workload, equitable distribution of labor, and other professional responsibilities, and

Whereas there is a strong need for information on successful methods of encouraging and rewarding such participation,

Faculty Councils

Whereas according to Title 6 academic senates are established in order to participate in the formation of college and district policies, and

Whereas the scope of senates on "academic and professional" matters includes both curriculum and budgetary decisions which are not specifically excluded by existing collective bargaining agreements,

Resolved that the Academic Senate promote collegial governance models at the college and district levels, and

Faculty Governance: Standing Order

Whereas the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has long maintained that the effectiveness of the collegial model of governance depends upon the delegation of specific authority and responsibility to the faculty through their local academic senates, and

Senate Appointments

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges reaffirm previously adopted resolutions that faculty who serve on college or district committees dealing with academic and professional matters be nominated or appointed by the local or district academic senate, with appropriate consultation.

Faculty Participation

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges recommend to the planning committee for the 1988 Fall Conference that there be a breakout session on ways to enhance faculty participation not only in shared governance but also in other institutional activities including committee work, advising, and senate activities.

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