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Develop Standards of Practice Paper for Library Services

Whereas, The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has adopted the paper Library Faculty in California Community College Libraries: Qualifications, Roles, and Responsibilities (adopted Spring 1996);

Whereas, Although the "role paper" describes the range of activities of library faculty, it does not set out specific standards for how those activities would be performed; and

Information Competency

Whereas information competency is the ability to: a) recognize the need for information, b) acquire and evaluate information, c) organize and maintain information, and d) interpret and communicate information, and

Whereas information literacy is a curricular development responsibility of library faculty, and

Whereas library faculty see information competency as an important component of learning, and

Standards of Practice for California Community College Library Faculty and Programs

Libraries and library faculty play a significant role in supporting college curriculum and helping students succeed academically. In particular, libraries are the primary location both physically and remotely for supporting faculty and students in their research and information needs. Over the years, this role of libraries and library faculty has remained consistent, yet funding, institutional support, and resources have been in decline.

Inclusion of the Library in Effective Practices for Student Success

Whereas, The importance of the role of libraries and librarians in contributing to the success of students enrolled in basic skills courses was not included in either the literature review or the list of effective practices provided in the 2007 publication "Basic Skills as a Foundation for Student Success in California Community Colleges"; and

Libraries - Intersegmental Cooperation

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges direct an appropriate Senate committee to study and consider the need for intersegmental cooperation among librarians and among library instructional programs, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges request the committee to direct recommendations to the Senate regarding facilitation of this cooperation by an Intersegmental Coordinating Committee.

Library Privileges

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges do the following:

1. Investigate the present regulations used by the UC, CSU, and some of the larger independent California four-year institutions regarding library access and borrowing privileges provided to community college faculty and students, and

2. Consider making, to the Intersegmental Coordinating Council, recommendations which may facilitate library use by community college faculty and students.

Resource Material

Whereas libraries are an integral component of a college curriculum and instructional program, and

Whereas faculty, including library faculty, are concerned with curriculum approval procedures, and

Whereas adequacy and recency of library materials affect the quality of college programs and are measurements used by external accrediting commissions and professional bodies, and

Library Advisory Committee

Whereas libraries are an integral component of a college curriculum arid instructional program, and

Whereas both the University of California and California State University Academic Senates have library committees advising their state academic senates,

Resolved that the Academic Senate Executive Committee study the creation of a library committee that reports to the Academic Senate.

Library Budget

Whereas the funding bill for California Community Colleges for the 1987-88 academic year designated specific funds to be used for library acquisitions, and

Whereas these funds were mandated by the State of California because of increased awareness that library resources throughout the state have been consistently underfunded during the last decade, and

Library Acquisitions

Whereas the 1987-88 California Community College funding bill for instructional equipment provided specific categorical funds, and

Whereas the 1988-89 funding bill does not contain such a provision,

Resolved that the Academic Senate Research Committee make a comparison of district expenditures on library acquisitions in 1987-88 arid 1988-89 academic years and report at the 1988 Spring Conference.


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