Welfare Reform

Whereas welfare reform is a statewide and national issue, and

Whereas welfare reform measures, including changes in Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) will affect whether or not many community college students can continue to attend college, and

Whereas changes in welfare provisions may affect full-time equivalent student enrollment in community colleges, especially in vocational programs;

Student Fee Freeze

Resolved that the Academic Senate recommend to CPEC that it include in its recommendations on student fee policy, a call for a freeze on student fee increases pending a study of the effects of fee increases on equitable access to community colleges.

Fee Increases

Whereas Governor Wilson is proposing another increase in fees from $13 to $20 per unit, and

Whereas California Community Colleges serve as an entry point to higher education and vocational training for all economic levels, and

Whereas California Community Colleges have experienced a significant decline in enrollment as a result of the increase in fees during the past three years, and

Whereas an additional increase in fees could further restrict student access to California Community Colleges,

Accountability Model

Whereas, as a result of AB 1725, accountability reporting is a requirement of the Ed Code and Title 5, and

Whereas a model for accountability has been developed by the Chancellor's Office, and

Whereas faculty input in accountability is crucial to ensure the quality of education,

Resolved that the Academic Senate direct the Executive Committee to review current information on, and models of, accountability and to develop a position statement with criteria for accountability policies and provide examples which meet the criteria.

Accountability and Outcome Measures: Chancellor's Hour

Whereas AB 938 has been signed by the Governor which authorizes an MIS reporting process between local colleges and the Chancellor's Office, and

Whereas the Chancellor's Office is seeking to shift its role of responsibility for ensuring regulatory mandates to a role of responsibility for accountability/outcome measures, and

Whereas these accountability/outcome measures would imply a shift from state to local control, and

Whereas the Chancellor's Office has made reports to the Board of Governors on the shift in the office's emphasis and responsibility, and

Refund of Fees

Whereas the recent increase in student fees has produced a shift in student drop patterns, and

Whereas this shift has been in the direction of dropping early in terms when a full refund is available, and

Whereas the first week or two, especially for unconfident or otherwise at risk students, is an insufficient amount of time for conclusive feedback such that students could determine their viability for courses,

AB 2895: Outcome Expectations

Whereas AB 2895 would require CPEC "to convene a specific committee to develop comprehensive outcome expectations and measures," and

Whereas faculty are best able to understand what these standards should be,

Resolved that the Academic Senate seek to amend AB 2895 to allow the Academic Senate of the California Community Colleges to develop the standards and processes of outcome expectations and measures.

Redirected Students

Whereas, Students redirected from UCs and CSUs will not, as proposed, pay community college fees, a situation that will further impact the ability of the California community colleges to provide adequately funded education to its students;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges work with all appropriate agencies and the Legislature to ensure that redirected students pay all appropriate community college fees, unless they qualify for Board of Governors' (BOG) fee waivers.

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