Counseling Task Force

Chair, Counseling Task Force

This past spring, the Consultation Council recognized the need to form a Task Force to determine whether students have adequate access to counseling services in California and whether the services are of the kinds and levels needed to help assure their success. Maybe Consultation recognized the need because of the possible layoffs of counseling faculty in light of the Audit of the 50% Law or maybe it was because of the consistent focus on the shortage of counseling faculty. We are not sure, but are glad it has been formed and declared an academic and professional matter where the Senate has the lead.

The Task Force is comprised of representatives from several organizations in Consultation and has already begun its work. In July, a survey of counseling faculty assignments was developed and mailed to campuses to collect data on assessing the access of students to counseling services. This data will be used in a report to the Consultation Council. The survey was mailed to all CSSOs and matriculation deans and asked the appropriate administrator, working with the Department Chair of Counseling, to submit information using the Fall 2000 Full-Time Faculty Obligation Report numbers for individual colleges. The Chancellor's Office will be reminding colleges that have not submitted a survey to please participate in this very important data gathering effort.

In addition, a private list serve for all community college counseling faculty in California, including adjuncts, has been created. If you are interested in taking part, please send counseling faculty names to Lindy Williams, Dean of Student Services in the Chancellor's Office at lwilliam [at]

Similarly, the Task Force is developing questions for a fall semester survey of all California community college counseling faculty. It hopes that study will provide an accurate snapshot of what is currently happening in the field. Watch for more information on the work of this Task Force.