Fall Session Elections


At the Fall Session 1997, a special election was held for the office of Treasurer. Debra Landre, San Joaquin Delta College, who held the office of treasurer as of Spring 1997, resigned last June when she was elected CCA President. Also in June, the Executive Committee appointed Lin Marelick, Mission College, as Interim Treasurer. Lin had been serving on the Executive Committee as North Representative. In anticipation of Marelick's possible candidacy for Treasurer at the Fall Session, the position of North Representative was announced in the Fall Session mailing. If Lin Marelick decided to run for the office of Treasurer and was successful, then an election would need to be held to fill the vacancy for North Representative. Four senators declared themselves as candidates if a North Representative election was held. The candidates were Jim Higgs, Modesto Jr. College, Kevin Twohy, Diablo Valley College, Ian Walton, Mission College, and Angela Willson, Yuba College.

Lin Marelick was successful in her election for Treasurer and an election to fill the North Representative vacancy was then held. In the election for North Representative, Ian Walton and Angela Willson were successful in accumulating the most votes. A run- off election was then held between Walton and Willson. Walton received the majority of the votes in the election and was elected to the Executive Board in the position of North Representative.

The election was conducted by the Election Committee, which is comprised of Allen Boyer, Modesto Jr. College, Donna Ferracone, Crafton Hills College, and myself, Nancy Silva, Election Chair, American River College. Tellers for the Fall 1997 election were: May du Bois, West LA College, Dan Crump, American River College, John Pellonni, Cerritos College, Julie Willard, Irvine Valley College, George Carlson, Citrus College, Ann Holiday, Coastline College, Robert Wachman, Yuba College, Sheila Martin, Fresno College.

General elections will be held at the Spring 1998 Session for the offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Elections will also be held for the Executive Committee member positions of North Representative, South Representative, Area B, Area C and At Large Representative. Announcements for the Spring general elections will be sent out with the session mailings.