Julie's Inbox:

Executive Director

Dear Julie,

After the accreditation team visited our college, one of the team's recommendations to our board of trustees was to perform a self-evaluation. We think that's a good idea for our board, but our senate executive committee wants to know if academic senates should also perform self-evaluations. What do you think?
Evaluating Evaluations

Dear E.E.,

It's funny that you should ask this question. The Executive Committee for the Academic Senate is developing an evaluation tool for itself as a board as well as self-evaluation instruments for individual members of its board this spring. Nothing is formal yet, but we hope to have a process and companion forms soon.

We believe that self-evaluation provides organizations the opportunity to review existing practices, determine goals for the coming year, and recognize accomplishments. If possible, we would encourage your senate to consider some sort of evaluation process or instrument for use by the senate members or the faculty at large. Once the Academic Senate Executive Committee has a finalized process in place, it may provide a model for local senates. Good luck and stay tuned!