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Executive Director

Dear Julie,

Do you know where I can find information for our counselors about SB1440? We also want to know what we should put in our catalog about the degrees.

- Need Info That’s Hot Off the Griddle


Students who are just beginning their college careers and those students who are nearing graduation and transfer all need information about the details and guarantees under SB 1440 and AA-T and AS-T degrees, the new degrees for transfer. Counselors have asked for more information about the degrees, guarantees, and requirements for this transfer pathway in order to more effectively assist students with decisions about courses and options. In response, the Academic Senate and the CCC Chancellor’s Office sponsored four training sessions in August for counselors where Senate representatives, counselors, and CSU and UC representatives provided the latest information as well as suggestions on how to successfully guide students. The Power Point presentations and resource documents are available online at www.sb1440.org, the website for insiders - meaning those within the CSU or community college systems. Under the section titled “Counseling Information,” counselors and other interested parties can find general counseling information as well as counselor training resources. All the Senate training materials may be found in the resource section, and someone from your college should be designated as the point person for SB1440 and AA-T and AS-T degree information. There are presentations that you can customize to include your college’s list of available degrees, transfer center workshop dates, and specifically designed train-thetrainer materials that your point person can use to help counselors understand the new degrees and how they work for students. Please use the resources widely with students and college administrators, faculty, staff, board members, and community partners.

Also on the same website, you can find information about use of the official logo for the AA-T and AS-T degrees which can be published in your catalog and on other college materials that are used to advise students about transfer and degree options. This information can be found under the section labeled as “Communication.” The C-ID website, www.c-id.net, also has sample catalog language for your college to consider. Another great resource for students and college specialists is the new official website directed at the public with information about the degrees and transfer guarantees: www.adegreewithaguarantee.com.

Good luck!

Executive Committee