Occupational Education Leadership Seminars

Representative North

The fourth annual Occupational Leadership Seminar was held this year in San Diego at the Islandia Hotel on April 3-4, 1998. The Occupational Leadership Seminars are the result of an initiative of the Bay Region Consortium in conjunction with the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges. The purpose of these seminars is to give faculty an opportunity to attain the knowledge needed to stay on the cutting edge of educational needs in their fields, share successes with others, and develop relationships with colleagues from community colleges around the state. Participants also learn how governance for Occupational Education is handled, acquire information on issues affecting Occupational Education, develop networks, compare notes, and exchange knowledge.

This year there were 140 participants representing 75 California community colleges, representing almost 50 occupational disciplines, from adminnistration of justice to welding.

There were many topics discussed this year including:

Senate participation by Occupational Education faculty;
Legislative update on vocational issues;
Technology issues;
SCANS competencies;
SB 645 Report Card Bill and accountability;
Legislation and Assembly bills affecting Occupational Education and community colleges;
Certificates of achievement/accomplishment;
Voc Ed Campus Committees.

The Occupational Education Leadership Seminar this year was a great success. Through seminar attendance and discussions, faculty participants were able to gain an understanding of the involvement possible on their campuses, strengthen their leadership skills, and learn that they had the power to influence change. As one participant commented: "The seminar provided excellent information about the political structure of the CCC system, new laws, and how to get involved." Another participant stated that the seminar was "upbeat, motivational, informative, encouraging, and thought provoking. This is a very important seminar for anyone concerned about the quality and relevance of occupational educational." And, finally, one participant summed it up with this comment: "All aspects of the seminar far exceeded my expectations! The presentations were very interesting and informative. This is my first exposure to a State Academic Occupational Leadership Seminar. I look forward to the next conference."