2011 Spring Plenary Session

Event Dates

The Spring 2011 Plenary Session took place April 14-16, 2011 at the San Francisco Airport Westin.

Presentation Materials

Title Breakout Time
Outside Reports About the California Community Colleges: Should We Give Them Something to Talk About?
Budget Process and Senate Authority: Where Are We Now
Hot Topics in Distance Education
Local Senate Nuts and Bolts
Recreating “Recreational” Programs
Accelerating Basic Skills Instruction
Rethinking Financial Aid
Shifting the Delivery of Basic Skills instruction: Acceleration, Contextualization, and Other Proposed Approaches
General Session on Accreditation
Judith Eaton Keynote Presentation
Tensions and Challenges of Being Senate President
Campus Climate: Making Campuses Safe for Students
Missions: Impossible?
Current Movement Regarding Assessment for Placement
Using ASSiST to Research existing and Potential Course Articulation
Follow-up without Judith Eaton
MQs, Apportionment and Grading Authority: Supplemental Learning - Are We Confused Yet?
Promoting Student Success: Focusing on the Classroom
Surviving the Shift: Participatory Governance in Times of Crisis
General Session - Taking Student Success Seiously
It Happens in Sacramento: State Budget, Legislation and Advocacy
The Student Success Task Force (SB 1143)
Program Viability and Discontinuance
Senate Recruitment and Retention
State Level Basic Skills Efforts and Trends
What's Changed in Title 5
"OR, the equivalent." - Minimum Qualifications, Equivalencies and FSA's
Shifting our Roles: How Classroom Faculty Can Supplement Counseling Services
Models for Creating a Supportive Part-time Work Environment
State of the Senate