ASCCC OERI Webinar: Addiction Studies (ADS) and Open Educational Resources (OER)

Event Dates

Monday, December 12, 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

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Are OER available for addiction studies? Faculty who teach addiction studies courses (such as ADS 110X Introduction to Addiction StudiesADS 120X Basic Counseling SkillsADS 150X Prevention, Intervention, and Recovery, and other courses that are required in programs that prepare students to work in the addiction field) are invited to join this webinar to discuss what resources are available and what resources are needed. If you are currently using an OER or other free resource to teach an ADS course, mpilati [at] (subject: ADS%20OER) (we want to hear from you). What do ADS faculty need – and are there ADS faculty interested in using OER?